Monday, June 2, 2014

Madness Monday - "Gene Diggs" ?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

 Let's go to the Gene-Diggs. 

                                          Ok! But what is a Gene-Diggs?

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society has had several of these over the years. The name Gene-Diggs is just what we named this event- maybe we were thinking 'digging into genealogy'. This is usually the better part of a day, when members come together with their own books, magazines, maps, & other research materials that they would simply like to share with other members for the day. It has been lot of fun, but really needs to be coordinated and well thought through. 

The last time we put one together, we had a great turn out. AND more books than we could handle. It was wonderful to see so many members participating. Welcome from Judy..... 
Of course we made sure that they had their names in each of their books, magazines or other materials. They also brought a list of what they brought for our protection as well as their own. We had a copier machine available. We had several laptops with CD capability so that members could look at any of the many CD's we had in our CD library. The room was set up very simple with long tables and many chairs........ We had gone to AAA for maps of the USA in particular and hung those up on the walls for reference. We were able to get a hold of several European, African and Japan, Australia & New Zealand maps which were also on the walls for display and reference.  We made table toppers, dividing the tables into definite areas of the world and the USA.......  books and materials were placed on the appropriate tables as members arrived.

So now members have choices of reference materials and they know what table they are located. We did have an area for just reference books ie: The Red Book, HandyBook etc.

Setting up our computer area.........  generous members to let us use their computers all day 

...... along with our CD Library 
As you can see below we do have lots of CD's & DVD's available for research......... 

We were able to bring 3 copiers and they were in use almost the entire time. Now that is a good thing.

FOOD!!! sweet! Of course you can always find food and drink not too far away. It is in another room and kept there but members were always breaking and continuing discussions around the counter of food and drink. 

                                   Discussion with others OR being by yourself.......  it all works!

It might be time for another day of research with other members. It sure worked for us. It would be a good society program........TRY IT!   especially helping newer members. 

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