Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shopping Saturday - Bargains Bargains and More Classes at JAMBOREE

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

What a great day at Jamboree.........  a full day of learning and growing in knowledge and skills

This morning was all things free. All these sessions were for the entire morning. You could visit the Southern California Genealogical Society Library. It is a wonderful library with something for everyone. I sure wish we had the space to do extra activities and events like they hold at their library all the time. What a plus for their members!  Also offered was 'Genealogy World Roundtable Discussions'- a whole list of topics being offered . There is a Librarians' Genealogy Boot Camp plus. Jamboree and  SCGS: What You Need to Know........ and the last offering was Genealogy Society Development Workshop.

Also offered for a cost were two workshops:
There was a 'Ye Olde Handwriting Workshop'  -Yes, reading and understanding old documents.  Also offered was a  'German Handwriting Workshop' - Reading German Gothic Handwriting. Plus a session offered 'Introduction to Genealogy - first steps.'

Denise and Scott Richmond (you remember Denise!!) are off and running. Marilyn headed out to the library and I attended the Genealogy Society Development Workshop.

There were three sessions......... 1- Engaging the Next Generation with Elyse Doerflinger and Josh   Taylor (name sound familiar? Root Cellar SGS's 2015 Spring Seminar Speaker)........  key words here are social networking, having to do business differently or we won't get the 21sters attention. The buzz is technology, make it fun, don't overwhelm them by asking the next generation to fill out a pedigree chart, they will walk away. We need to rethink Genealogy 101 to make it enjoyable and fun for this next generation.   Suggestion was to play genealogy and history games to make it fun, to use YouTube for a series of help sessions and something called MashUps (I don't know what that is, sorry) .

I was really blown away with '10 Tips for Finding Newsletter Content with Gena Philibert Ortega. So many great ideas for newsletter content but could also be used for blogging and for all newsletter on other subjects.  Excellent suggestions.

The last session for the morning was 'Making the Case: Change and Technology in Your Society' with Randy Whited......... Very good. Change us always difficult and hard to do for a lot of people. This session was mainly for an open discussion of what is wrong in the society's and how to help and what is going right and why........  these are always good sessions because there are so many society's in attendance - small, medium and large ones and most have similar problems........  money, meeting place, volunteers, attracting new  plus younger members. It would be wonderful if all the people in the room were all in one society... that would be outstanding.

One of the afternoon sessions was 'Manuscript Finding Aids: locating Migrating Family Records with Paula Stuart Warren. I really enjoyed this session because I know nothing about Manuscripts and don't know how or where to locate them. So now I have gotten a little head start. This was a Live streamed session so maybe some of you watched it.  What did you think about the information? This is something I will have to give a lot of thought.

Ending the day by attending the California State Genealogical Alliance board meeting......  yes, I am on the board. By-Law discussion and changes so you know what that means! They attempt to schedule regular board meetings during a major conference or in connection with a conference to keep the meeting open to the public and be able to get more exposure. Some of you may remember that they have held several board meetings during Family History Day with the California State Archives.


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