Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Those Places Thursday - Headed South for the Southern California JAMBOREE 2014

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Up Up Up & away Wednesday afternoon on flight #3383 Southwest Airlines to Burbank Bob Hope Airport and shuttled to the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel. Weather is great, smooth check in and unpacked. Nice comfortable room on the second floor overlooking the front of the hotel . I did go
exploring (not that I haven't been here 10 other times) but I was anxious to see familiar faces and see what they had been up too in this past year. I could feel the anticipation in the air......  see signs of the JAMBOREE 2014 forming up in the hallways, lobby and conference areas......Ran into Leo Myers (co-chair) and Vicki Hilb (Program Chair).Vicki was waiting for the DNA speakers to check in.  Leo is just walking the halls putting out little fires before conference begins. Good Guy!! Just look for the guy in the plaid shorts. Got to meet Dr,Maurice Gleeson. He will be opening speaker for DNA Day. Very nice guy. And then Judy Russell also stopped by to check in. If her name is familiar, it should be, she writes the LEGAL GENEALOGIST blog. Excellent blog, you should have it bookmarked. Had a great genealogy discussion with a member of the Marriott Hotel . Yes, it is good to be back here again.. The Southern California Genealogical Society puts together an excellent conference - this is their 45th Annual JAMBOREE....
Can you imaginen starting this 45 years ago and seeing it grow and change but the goal was and is always the same- educate,teach,  help researchers. The Jamboree is probably the largest multi-day conference on the west coast. I can see it continuing for many years to come.

Surprise surprise they have changed the carpeting from last year......... I know I know big deal!!

 And I have to take back what I siad about internet earlier.... I have to say thank you to the Marriott Hotel for the free wifi..........  in years past you either paid for wifi in your rooms or you were in the lobby with undependable free wifi......... it made it difficult and expensive to continue with blogging etc but this year is different. I found a letter in my room from Marriot saying they are proud to announce 'a new internet experience' has been initiated and so they are suspending charging for the basic connection throughout this introductory period. YIPPEY!!! so far so good......... my wallet thanks you.

I am kicking back and relaxing tonight because it will be non-stop on-the-go through Sunday. I have downloaded the PINK SHEETS (Jamboree Bible) and studying it for a while. I am the room monitor for Dr Maurice Gleeson. So I need to be able to answer questions and direct participants.  I did treat myself to a nice dinner at the hotel- a little pricey. I am in the lobby right now finishing up this post and will be visiting with others and knitting.

Talk to you again soon from the JAMBOREE in Burbank.

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