Thursday, May 7, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday - @ April Workshop- Paulette Sanborn Family Books

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner-Benward

What happens at Root Cellar SGS's monthly workshops? Lots. You should come and join in.

Most times something has been planned to discuss, display, show, pass around, live Internet demo's ........ This month Diane Maltase brought a book of the Civil War. After all it is the anniversary of and then there is always the

'What good news do you have this month, what connections, what new information" 

and  after that the question is

"What brickwalls do you have this month?"(Let's keep this one for another post)

Today was a very good day for sharing especially for member Paulette Sanborn. She brought her latest two volume's of family books. These books, each over an inch thick, were self published with a little binding help from Office Depot. Lots of information, pictures and documents. These two books are very special to Paulette because it starts with her and moves back. AND of course you know that as soon as you finish a project and publish it, MORE information comes in. This project is no exception. Paulette anticipated collecting more information and had Office Depot include a pocket folder in the back of the second volume. This pocket folder is already pretty full with brand new information waiting to be processed.

GREAT IDEA! I think this pocket folder bound in the back was an excellent idea. It could also be used for storing larger maps.

Volume 1 starting with Paulette

Volume 2 continuing with Sanborn ancestors

this is the back of Volume 2 with the pocket folder already FULL
Great Idea!

How many of you have started compiling your information, your pictures, your documents and your own memories into book for you or for someone else? I have not done it either and I really want to do something. Just need to get more organized (and I say that often). I know you always say it will get done when you have finished researching............ HA HA!! when is that going to be? NEVER! You are never finished researching.....  there is always something else to find. 

And as you can see Paulette published knowing there may be more information out there and there was. So she will  take off the binding, take out the old and add the new information and take it back to Office Depot (or Kinko's or others) and have it rebound for under $4. 

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