Friday, May 1, 2015

Follow Friday- SHOW off that Family Treasure & TELL the Story- Carolee Jones

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

...........and here is another of many 'members shared items' from our February Show N Tell. Enjoy!!

Okay, my take on the album is it is an incredible find.  I never expected to first receive an album prior to my phone call to Dick's cousin Thom.  I just wanted a clean copy of the pedigree charts so I could read them.  I also never expected that Thom would not want the album back after giving it to us to use.  Now, of course, will be the challenge of who should inherit the album after we pass.  That is another whole issue in and of itself. 

this is massive and incredible

 The following documents copied from the Volume Book above are only two of many. This is some of the family of my husband Richard (Dick) Jones. My husband prefers to be called Richard, which, of course, makes things very confusing since there are a number of Richards in the Jones family.  My husband’s father is Richard Marshall and Dick is Richard Dee.

The first document is a pedigree chart starting with Dick’s 2nd great-grandfather William Jones.  He had a son he named William W. Jones who had ten children.  One was Richard E. Jones, Dick’s grandfather.  Another of the ten was Fred Lee Jones who had a daughter he named Timer, maiden name Jones and married name Hill.  She had a son Thom Hill, who was the person that sent us the album.  The second photo is of William W. Jones Welsh obituary which has been translated.  Timer had the obit translated.     

sorry can't get this enlarged any further, but you probably could not read it anyway........ I believe it is written in Gaelic

Carolee and Richard, Thank you for sharing.

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