Thursday, August 11, 2011

HOLCOMB Family Genealogy Challenges — Those Places Thursday

My husband, Richard, did not have any information concerning his maternal side of his family. Starting with census research for Hazel HOLCOMB, Richard’s mother, we discovered her family in the 1905 Iowa State Census. U.S. Federal Census shows Hazel’s Holcomb family in Minot, North Dakota. In our twenty-nine foot fifth wheel we are currently traveling across the mid-West and Canada. Last Wednesday we stopped in Minot. Minot is still recovering from a devastating flood from the Souris River. Just try finding the Minot Library and City Hall towing a vehicle behind your truck. Our GPS found the Library and City Hall behind two dirt levies and no parking available. Parking six blocks away we found the Library open. The head librarian graciously helped with our inquiries. The Library had limited city directories that did list Richard’s grandfather, Darius C. HOLCOMB. We found the Rosehill Memorial Park Cemetery where Darius C. HOLCOMB, Sarah HOLCOMB, first wife of Darius, and Henry Welton HOLCOMB, great-grandfather are buried. The fifth wheel could not be driven into the cemetery so again we parked several blocks away and walked to the office. The cemetery was not flooded but there are ponds of standing water around the graves. We discovered there was another HOLCOMB family buried in this cemetery. This Horace B. HOLCOMB family has a monument while the Henry and Darius HOLCOMB families do not. Due to the fact we were towing a recreational vehicle we were unable to drive past the addresses listed in the City Directories.

Submitted by Carolee Jones
Posted by Ron Setzer

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