Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tips for Blog Subscribers - Part 2

In Part 1 of Tips for Blog Subscribers, we talked about what you see and read when you receive Blog updates via email or a Reader versus looking at the actual Blog site.

In Part 2, let's take a scenic tour of the Blog itself.

The top of the homepage includes the title of the Blog and a welcome message.  The Blog is meant to
promote Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society activities and be a benefit for its members. Use the Blog similar to the user-contributed sections of websites such as FamilySearch, Rootsweb or

Next on the screen is a row of clickable page tabs.  These are separate pages of the Blog that provide more space to display information.  "Home" is the main or front page where the posts appear in chronological order, most recent first.  A Blog post will inform you when a page has been updated.  You won't miss a meeting, etc. when you read the "Calendar" page.  Members are the Society's most valuable asset and

 "Member Spotlight" recognizes them.  Find additional help using the Blog under the "Blog FAQs" tab. The "Daily Blogging Prompts" page is a useful tool to formulate your submission to the Blog.  Using these prompts helps to get your genealogy noticed on the world wide web.  Have a brickwall?  Consider submitting a name for 'Madness Monday'.  Have a photo of a gravestone? Send it in for 'Tombstone Tuesday'.   Root Cellar is a major sponsor and participant in "Family History Day" - click the tab to learn more.  Additional pages may be added in the future.

Below every post is a line that identifies the author of the post.  Multiple names are listed because we have a rotation schedule for authoring the posts.  Your comments are helpful - make a comment on a post by clicking on "Comment".  The example below shows that two comments were made on that post.  Click on "2 Comments" to read them. The envelope icon will allow you to share the post with a friend.  A new window

will open with a form to fill in and send.  Next is a series of icons with several mediums to share the post; hover your cursor over each one for its name. Last, each post has a label(s).  These are like a glossary to find a particular topic.  The list of "Labels" are shown on the right side of the home page. 

In Part 3, we'll continue the tour of that section.

Posted by Denise Hibsch Richmond

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