Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sacramento Bee Article – "Daughter Unravels Hush–Hush Secret"

In today's Sacramento Bee (Our Region, pp. B1 & B4) There is an article by Anita Creamer entitled "Daughter Unravels Hush–Hush Secret." Root Cellar's President Sandra Benward is quoted in the story as saying, "You're looking for what makes you you. A lot of people don't get into [genealogy] until they're almost at retirement because of the time it takes. That's the biggest thing. Life just gets in the way." The article is about Teresa Foley's search to find family information for her 83-year-old father. Through diligent research, internet databases, and DNA findings, Teresa's story was successful as she was able to connect her father with a previously unknown half-brother. To see the story online go to SacBee.com.

Posted by Ron Setzer

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