Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Uncle Bill's Family Findings

I am thankful for my Uncle Bill Hibsch, also known as the family historian.  His life-long interest in history and family history in particular continues to be a boom for my family research.  My husband and I recently had lunch with him and my Aunt Joan.  As we were chatting, he pulled out a folder which turned out to be a treasure trove - two obituaries and four photos.  Happy Dance Time!  He said there's more to come - oh, if only I lived next door to him!  I am sharing one of the obituaries below (click to enlarge).

This is about the 'family lore' we all have that drive us crazy.  My Uncle Bill told me about the stories he heard during his childhood about "Uncle Dock". Apparenty, he would show up unannounced at my great-grandparents Kendall's citrus ranch in Baldwin Park, Los Angeles County, California.  Uncle Dock's given name was unknown but Uncle Bill suspected he was related to my great-grandmother, Ida May Brown Kendall.  Recently, I came into possession of a hand-written letter from Ida May's father dated 1914 which suggested he and Uncle Dock were in the Civil War.

The discovery of this obituary filled in the blanks and provided new avenues to research.  Uncle Dock was Adam Clark, brother of Jane Clark Brown and mother of Ida May Brown Kendall.  Next tasks, transcribe the obit and create a reseach to-do list.

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