Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Obituary (of sorts)

An article about Judy Willey's (a Root Cellar member) paternal great grandfather, Edward Hockemeyer, born about April 1867, died 5 April 1898.

Miami Union (Miami County, Ohio)
April 7, 1898

"Ed Hockemeyer The Victim of a Runaway"  "Monday morning Edward Hockmeyer, who lived on Henry Josse's farm was driving across the Main Street Canal Bridge when his team became frightened and ran away.  In front of Thompson Kincaid's property on Oxford and Main they ran into an electric light pole.  The wagon stopped, but the horses broke loose and were caught before reaching the public square.  Poor Hockmeyer stuck to his seat and when the wagon was so effectualy stopped by the pole a new outhouse which he was hauling was thrown violently forward crushing him against the pole.  The injured man was removed to Dr. Green's office where an examination was made and all bones found inact.  He complained of internal pains in his back and as he was evidently suffering from internal injuries he was removed to the City Hospital.  Gradually failing he expired Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock.  The lamp at the corner where the accident happened, was torn down and the wires left dangling across the street.  As it was daytime no current was on and thus additional horrors were avoided.  A few minutes work only was needed to restore it to position."

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