Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tips for Blog Subscribers - Part I

The Root Cellar inbox ( recently received an excellent question from a reader:
Is the Calendar tab on the regular web site or Facebook?  For those of us not on Facebook, I don't see the news you reference on the Root Cellar homepage.
The question was in reference to the following blog post she received via email. (Bonus Tip: click on any image or photo to enlarge.)

This is what the post looks like if you receive updates via email.

This is what the blog post looks like if you receive it via a Reader

Blog updates via email or a Reader show the blog post only, not the actual blog site.  That may provide enough information for you.  Sometimes you may need to see the actual blog site.  In the blog post about the Calendar, it was assumed that subscribers were familiar with the content and layout of the actual blog site, i.e., "The Calendar tab at the top of the homepage...".

How do you get the the actual blog site from the email or Reader update?  Click on the header text.  In the first screen shot above, you would click on "ROOT CELLAR Ramblings".  You can also click on the other links, e.g., "Calendar Updated".  In the second screen shot, you would click on "Calendar Updated'.

The screen shot below shows the Blog and lots of additional information available to you.  In Part 2 of "Tips for Blog Subscribers", I will review these items.  In the meantime, roam around the Blog - click on the links to see the helpful information waiting for you.     
This is what the post looks like on the actual Blog site

The same guidelines apply to the Family History Day blog at  You are a subscriber I hope!

Posted by Denise Hibsch Richmond

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