Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hello Cincinnati!

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This is the first in a series of posts from Sandi Benward and I regaling you with our adventures from Cincinnati as Root Cellar's Official Bloggers for the National Genealogical Society annual conference which begins on Wednesday, May 9th. 

From Sacramento to Salt Lake City to Cincinnati, I winged my way to the Queen City on Saturday, May 5th.  I enjoyed nutritious food during the flights and played games on the iPad.

I walked and walked and rode a train to baggage claim then walked to the rental car shuttle.  Whew, it's a huge airport! The Avis associate was very accommodating as I did my Goldilocks routine: "I can't move the seat forward on this one."  "I can't see over the dash on that one." Finally, a car was found and off I went.  I noted that the plates say I'm from Pennsylvania!  The drive to downtown Cincinnati from the airport was quick (ok, there may have been one wrong turn but Garmin recalculated).  The trees and bushes along the roads were green and lush.  I quickly glanced left and right driving over the Ohio River.  Wow, so many bridges!  They all looked like giant erector sets.  Oh, I just dated myself!

I think I packed fairly light for the week.  The luggage had to be checked at the hotel because my room wasn't ready -- at 5pm!  It worked out though - I went to dinner (real food) and returned to finish checking in.  My room view is of Sandi's hotel so I will be watching her watching me!!  Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue are nearby. 

Before the conference begins, there are sites to see and personal family research to be done.  My great-great grandparents lived in neighboring Clinton, Highland and Warren counties.  Others lived in Adams and Athens counties but they are a bit too far away for this trip.  Maybe I will have a Happy Dance report to you!

The weather is great today, no rain and in the 80s.  Time to hit the streets!

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