Saturday, May 12, 2012

NGS Cincinnati 2012: Cousin Connection!

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The crowd was swelling outside Room 206 this afternoon at the NGS conference.  Small wonder - the next session was being presented by Thomas W. Jones, a well-known genealogical scholar and speaker.  I started chatting with a woman who was also waiting for the room to open.  We told each other where we were from, she from Florida but originally Ohio, me from California.  Anyone who tells me they are from Ohio is always asked "what county?".  I am hopeful their answer is the name of one of the five counties in which my ancestors lived.

Jackpot!  She said Adams, I said Clark, she said Daniel? Yes!  I said he's my link to the American Revolution.  She said, well, you get the point.  We made a connection and quickly exchanged emails.

How cool to find Cousin Susan!

Yet another reason to attend a national genealogical conference.  You're bound to be related to someone!

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