Monday, May 14, 2012

Tuesday TIPS - 1940Census Indexing Project

1940 census1940 Census

Root Cellar has a team of volunteer members indexing the 1940 Census. Do you want to be involved and help please contact me Sandra Benward. We do more help to get this entire project indexed by the end of July. That is a doable goal.........  if others help the finish date might even be sooner. Think about it and contact me so I can get you started on the right foot.  

Beware,  indexing is very addictive but not harmful to your health maybe you may loose a little sleep but that is it. The project is easy but is dependent on the hand writing.You can do it. Contact Me.

To help you here are more resources for those participating and those that may want to volunteer to help with the 1940 Census Indexing Project. Take advantage of the help resources listed below.

 Resource Page of the Project Take a look   
Webinars (NOTE: Next week will be the last round of webinars on indexing and arbitrating the census, so please check them out ASAP.)
Training Videos

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