Monday, December 3, 2012

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At a recent get-together, my older brother and I were reminiscing about the first house in which we lived.  It was on Vineland Avenue in Baldwin Park, California.  My brother did not remember the address but we both remembered the outside of the house, and that Vineland Elementary School and Cole's Market were "down" the street.

How timely that a recent post titled "Maps: A Path to Your Ancestors" on's Sticky-Notes blog had a livestream event url and a list of links to map resources.  I found my address in a City Directory but the street has since been renumbered.  Anybody have a resource to translate former house numbers to current day?  Add a comment on this blog post or send a note to

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  1. Thanks for pointing out "Maps: A Path to Your Ancestors" I just wrote a letter to Jim W. Faulkinbury. He looks up records there and has a website. I don't know if he belongs to the Sacramento Genealogical Society. Am doing a little work in California right now with an ancestor who lived in Don Pedro's Bar in Tuolumne County (John Sherwood who married Mary A. Carpenter). She later married Nelson Rolfe after John passed in 1867.


    Grant Davis


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