Friday, January 23, 2015

Follow Friday: Updating the Two in One Conference All in One Location

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

FGS - RootsTech two in one Conference all in ONE place is right around the corner............ if you have not registered yet and are still thinking about it you are lucky..........  the deadline for early bird registration has been extended till Monday January 26, 2015. Take advantage of the lower price. After Monday the registration will start going up and up.

Look who is coming .....  who will be attending for keynote speakers and entertainment for the Conferences. Plus all the classes, workshops offered PLUS the availability of the LIBRARY. How could you go wrong?

The Conference APP is out and available......  I love it. I've made some decisions about what classes, workshops. luncheons, and extra activities plus the LIBRARY research. I put it all in the app and it keeps track of where I should be at any given time. Actually I usually try to pick a class and then a back up in case that room is full or cancelled.

Conference Mobile App   This is the APP and below is what you see when you open the app.
 As you can see there is a lot to it. You open the Conference Schedule and pick your sessions, plus luncheons, keynote speaker events and extra events. Now when you open the MY SCHEDULE you will only see the items you choose. It is a simple process but very helpful. A very helpful conference tool.This is really worth downloading on your phone plus it is FREE.

I have been trying to decide on classes and it is tough in some cases because you are looking through two complete catalog's for the same space for the 4 days.

MY SCHEDULE - it is written with a good old fashion pencil & a large eraser........ 
OK here goes- Society Day, Wednesday :  Engaging Your Long Distance Membership/ Jen Baldwin; New Kid on the Block: Embarrassing Your Society's  New Members/ Josh Taylor; Creating a Dynamic Genealogy Education / Rorey Cathcart; Tips for Robust Society Websites/ Cyndi Ingle; Social Media/ Rorey Cathcast

Thursday-  Organization for Genealogists OR Family History On the Go OR Telling Stories: Digital Scrapbooking; Free Online Tools for British Research OR Research Australia Online; Pinning Your Family History; Finding Those Living Cousins

Friday- German Genealogy on the Internet; Jumping the Pond; Fraternal Organizations; Lesser Known Sources.........

Saturday- LAB/ Google Docs; Ancestry Mobile World OR Google Images/Photos; Don't Forget the Dead Ends; LAB/ Evernote

Of course this is not set in stone and won't be because I can always change my mind at any time. Only the two labs are extra and at a fee, so I will be going to those for sure.

So you can see there are so many choices..........  so much available. I have written down classes by some presenters I have never heard before and that to me is a good thing.

AND I have not even mentioned the Exhibit Hall. Usually a very large exhibit hall with so much more going is like a whole show in itself. ....  they will have a Society Showcase display in the exhibit hall -- we have sent in brochures to let people know we are here and to see what we have to contribute. SO when do you fit this into the schedule?  It really is worth going to the Exhibit Hall too but WHEN?.

So three things: you need to wear comfy practical shoes, don't forget to eat & drink lots of water; and have lots and lots of patience. 
Patience and laughter will be your friend to get your through the week. 

I will be posting from the Conference..........  so stay tuned 'Feb 11th will be here before you know it.

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