Thursday, January 15, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday --We're Related? Yes, We Are Related.

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward with help from Marilyn Richter-Ulbricht, Charlene Harvey-Eberwine and Toni Couch-Ryan

You always dream about being somewhere and you actually run into a living descendant. Someone you don't know but run into each other and discover just by chance that you are related. It seems a long shot but it does happen. AND it has happened just lately to two of our members of Root Cellar SGS.

Our extraction committee meets every Friday morning at the Center for Sacramento History. We are a pretty close knit group and follow each others adventures,trips and vacations.


During one Friday morning at the Center ....

As we were all gathering on a Friday morning to begin our ritual of extraction members are greeting each other and welcoming others back from breaks or vacations. Linda (Johnson)Wensrich  was talking to Charlene Harvey) Eberwine about her Boston trip. We were all very interested in the details of her trip. Charlene mentioned she had ancestors from Newbury, Massachusetts by the surname of COFFIN.                                                     Toni and Charlene                                                                                        
As a member of Colonial Dames of the XVII Century, Toni (Couch) Ryan has been immersed in genealogy for the last 4 years or so in order to provide proof that she descends from immigrants to the original colonies of America.  She had spent numerous hours researching her COFFIN ancestry, so was very familiar with that surname!.

The two Coffin women then “compared notes”, "searched their family trees" and discovered that they share a 9th great-grandfather, Tristram Coffyn [Coffin] (1608-1681).  He came to Massachusetts from England in 1642.  Toni told some of the interesting history of Tristram and his family with her new-found ninth cousin once removed.  The Coffin name is still well known in some areas of Massachusetts.  Tristram was one of the original owners of the Island of Nantucket.  In 1659 he headed up a consortium of 20 men (including 2 of his sons and a son-in-law and a GREENLEAF ancestor of Charlene’s) who purchased Nantucket for the whopping amount of thirty pounds, two beaver hats, one for the seller himself and one for the seller’s wife!   Tristram Coffyn’s ancestry has been traced to Sir Richard Coffyn, Knight, who accompanied William the Conqueror to England in the year 1066.  As a result, the manor of Alwington in the County of Devon, England was assigned to Sir Richard.  There’s no doubt that Toni and Charlene have a very deep ROOT CELLAR! [sorry chart is not readable in this shot]

What a great story! It pays to get involved. It pays to talk to people about your family and your finds. It pays to listen to what others are talking about, you never know where their ancestors are from or who they are.

Be open, listen and talk to others.

Have you met a new 'someone' you are related too? Want to share?                                          Send to Sandi

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