Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Talented Tuesday - Where Did I Put Those Photos?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Let me introduce you to another very talented member, Marsha (McAlexander) Wise. Thank You for sharing.............

Marsha did a little "show & tell" of her own and appropriate for the January Meeting subject-  Photo Books.

For Christmas 2014 she created 5 collage blankets for a grandchild and 4 great grandchildren. ........  these blankets are filled with family photos. AND they loved the gift. The one she showed was  a beautiful blanket with great clear crisp photos. We were all very impressed.

I am so impressed with this blanket of Marsha's. The material is a very high quality very soft cotton. The children and grandchildren can just wrap themselves up and get lots of hugs from family anytime. What a very thoughtful gift also.

I cannot stress how beautiful this is and how soft it is ........ something you will just have to take my word on.

This was created online at Collage.com. Below you will see  their home page. It looks pretty straight forward. Create your own account - NAME and EMAIL & password.

I believe Marsha decided on her project and then simply downloaded all the pictures she thought she MIGHT use. You don't have to use them all. In fact you can use this website as a storage area too.                            

Only three tabs at the top  HOME, PRODUCTS and PROJECTS.    

One Two Three Ready to Go!!!
You are looking at the home page. As you go down the page you will see some advertising and some discounted items.

I registered. It was easy and painless.(upper right hand corner) Right away it offered me a 40% coupon for my next project. I clicked YES and it was sent to my email box.
......and as you can see you can start a new project right away by clicking 1. DESIGN and continue. You can also reach the same place by clicking on the PROJECT tab at top.........

These are the items they offer under the Products tab: Photo blankets, photo books, photo calendars, photo canvass, custom wrapping paper, photo posters, photo pillows, rolled canvass, phone/tablet cases, photo cards, canvass panels, photo beach towels, photo mugs, photo mouse pads, photo shower curtains, custom ornaments, bamboo custom prints, aluminum photo prints, photo tote bags---  I think if you don't find something you like to put a photo on in this offering you aren't really trying or you just aren't interested.

Marsha gave us this little tip : go to LivingSocial to get coupon code for discounts. 
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