Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday - 7th Cousins Once Removed Meet

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

It happened! It happened to me. Boy am I in shock and very surprised but it is true. I found a new cousin. So let me go back to the beginning.......

I attend the Southern California JAMBOREE each year in Burbank, California in mid June. I make a point of wearing my Root Cellar SGS t-shirt especially on Society Day but some of the other days too. Along with the t-shirt, I wear my name badge and swingers.......  others can  see a lot of the surnames I am looking for. The left line of swingers are my fathers line and the right line is my mothers line.....  it really is a great ice breaker. I wear it for day conferences, local conferences and conferences across the country. I do have people stopping me to get a better look at the names and the badge itself and to ask where we get them made........  as I say it is a great ice breaker. People take picture of the front and back because they want to take it back to their society and show it in hopes they can get them made.                                                                                                      

Anyway, there I am in Burbank at the JAMBOREE just going from class to class when I was stopped by a lady who was so excited when she saw the surname BRISTOL on my swingers. [that would be my mothers mothers side] Her name is Jeane Berry. We talked for a couple of minutes, exchanged info and planned to get together again while at the conference.  Several hours later she was calling me to ask which Bristol was mine and she was going through her tree in her hotel room. I was in a class at the time, so I called her back later. We finally got together later that evening.......... with family trees in hand the search was on for the common ancestor........  and finally there it was HENRY BRISTOL in New Haven, Connecticut. This was our common ancestor. Henry had 14 children ...........  the 10th child Daniel was Jeane's line and mine was the 13th child Eliphalet. HOW EXCITING!!

Sandra Gardner-Benward & Jeane Berry - new 7th Cousins Once Removed

Henry Bristol is                OUR 7th Great Grandfather 
Jeane and I are 7th cousins once removed

The kicker is the JAMBOREE is in southern California, in Burbank. I live in Citrus Heights just outside of Sacramento in the northern area of the state and Jeane lives in Lincoln which is just a few miles up the road from my home. But we didn't meet till we left our homes and went to Burbank. I find that very funny.......

Next step will be connecting with DNA tests.................. I have done the family finder and the autosomal and 23andme. Jeane has done the family finder and autosomal....  so we will see what happens there. I do have several matches right now on both Ancestry and FTDNA but can't find the common ancestor yet. how many more people are living right around me that may be related and we have no awareness of each other.


Henry Britstol/ Lydia Brown [7th Great Grandparents]

Henry & Lydia's children (11 total of 14)
     first 3 children were from his first marriage_ Rebecca ?

Rebecca (m: Zaccheus Candee)
Lydia  (m;: Joseph Smith)
John   (m: Mercy Mansfield)
Mary (m: Jobamah Gunn)
Hannah (m: Thomas Hine)
Sarah    (m: Stephen Hine)
Abigail  (m: Daniel Terrill)
Daniel (m:Hester Sperry)
Eliphalet (m: Esther Peck)
Henry (m: Desire Smith)

Boy! you just never know what will happen 
                                              when you put yourself out there. 
                                   You just never know.

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