Monday, April 6, 2015

Motivation Monday - It is Jamboree Time!

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Another super genealogy conference is only a few months away.....
                                                              ...... and this one is what I consider pretty local.

June 5-7, 2015  
Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel, 
2500 Hollywood Blvd., Burbank California

Yes, it is pretty local, it is drivable in a day and worth the time of the ride, and of course you can take what you want with you. Normally space is not a problem. I attended several years with several other Root Cellar friends and we took turns driving down. Wow, we had a great time. Other years I have taken Amtrak. That is ok but you start with a train and end up on a bus. What you bring is limited to what you can control. Recent years I have taken the plane, much more comfortable and really quick, but the inconvenience of being frisked and you are very limited on what you can bring. Just saying it is pretty local and plenty of ways of getting there.

I have always been lucky enough to stayed at the Marriott Hotel. This is where all the action is going on, and without a car it is difficult to get back and forth to another hotel except by taxi or another conference goer. The hotel is very nice, but it seems that the cost of the hotel rooms are going up each year. It is a major expense. Maybe look for a roommate, and this year they have just such a service. Try it!

If you looked over the schedule of workshops, classes, special activities you may be coming down several days before the conference actually begins......... will notice that on June 4 (day before conference begins) there is being offered a full day - a special event - this is a completely separate from the JAMBOREE conference.......... and you would register for it also.

There are plenty of free or nearly free activities planned but you have to sign up for them ahead of time.  Look over the workshops and tours to see if any of them are of interest. 

Thursday June 4
Creating a Digital Genealogy Scrapbook w/Barb Groth  10am-4:15p
Order in the Court: Hands-on with Court Records w/ Judy Russell 10am-Noon
Who is the World was Hialmar? A Hands-On Problem Solving Workshop w/ JH Fonkert CG 2:15-4:15pm
San Fernando Mission/ArchDiocese Archives Tour  8:15- Noon
Friday June 5
Autosomal DNA Chromesome Mapping Workshop w/ Tim Janzen MD 8:30- Noon
Documenting a Respectable Family History: Guidelines not Rules w/ Thomas W Jones 8:30-Noon
Research Trip to SCGS Library 8:30-Noon

........ and more   
Friday morning is traditionally JamboFREE activities .. 8:30am-noon .. these are free but you need to register for them and you can only register for one.........
Beginning Genealogy: First Steps........
Genealogy Community..........
Genealogy World Roundtables......
Society Development...........

SO you can see that this conference is already off and running and lots to do and the conference has not really officially started yet ....... AND we have not even looked at the conference class schedule.... Friday afternoon, Saturday & Sunday .......  JAMBOREE starts Friday afternoon with a full afternoon of classes...........

Don't forget to look at the line up of Luncheons, and Banquets available. Plus there maybe LIVE STREAMING sessions ......... but no details on this yet...... 

Have you registered yet? If not, what are you waiting for........... 

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