Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sentimental Sunday - The Rest of the Day - 2015 Spring Seminar

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner-Benward & photos from Judy Nissila

This is a continuation from yesterday....  yesterday you looked at pictures of before the Seminar doors open.

                                                            Root Cellar 2015 Spring Seminar in photos
             THE DOORS ARE OPEN NOW............. sit back & enjoy!

starting at Registration................   

registration friendly and organized

looking through their packet, filling out forms for drawings and getting familiar with area

there is always a massive amount of people oooogling the raffle baskets
........... and now is the time to purchase those raffle tickets and they do!!  Plus shop the vendors and bargain book table. Lots to do, but if you didn't get to something in the morning, there are breaks, lunch and after. 

President and Co-Chair of Seminar Diane Maltase opens the day up with 'welcome' and announcements
                                       It is finally time for the day to begin

            introducing speaker D. Joshua Taylor

             ........and here are only a couple lucky basket winners
                             Double Winner? Yes that's right........  two baskets won by one lucky lady
                        Another very Lucky winner.....  it's Linda Lucky ....  she is always a winner

.......and that is the wrap up of Root Cellar's 2015 Spring Seminar. Hope you enjoyed both days of pictures. If you attended, hope you had a good time. If you didn't make it this year "too bad you missed out" but there is always next year......  yes, the committee is already evaluating, going over notes and getting ready to start plans for 2016.

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