Friday, May 11, 2012

NGS - Friday May 11 - 3rd day of FUN

Again up early  going going all day long ...... now is the time to relax, put my feet up and watch "Who DoYou Thhink You Are?

Today's Classes:"OK, I Got the Neighbors: Now What Do I Do With Them?"; "Tracking Pennsylvania Ancestors: Keys to Successful Research"; "Advanced Probate Research"; Topographic and other Maps for Genealogists"; and "The  Ohio Genealogical Society: Your Best Ohio Genealgoical Resource".

Attended the National Genealogical Society Quarterly 100th Anniversary Reception right aftrer classes ended. Almost all their awards and recognitions werer done during their luncheon earlier that day. So this was a very informal reception with delicious snacks and sweets and great company.

A very big focuss and push at this conference has been the 1940 Census Indexing Project. Rows of computers are set up  for just this project- getting people to sign up and index. I have been indexing each day......... when you complete 2 batches (2 pages) you receive a 1940 Census Index T-shirt. AND Yes, I earned my t-shirt. Wish I could have earned a t-shirt for each of  you helping with the census indexing. Sorry!!

Besides the promotion of society's gathering together and indexing under their own society as we are doing, they are also calling for an Ambassador Program. This is directed towards blogs  - encouraging bloggers to promote the 1940 Census Indexing project. So of course  I signed up Root Cellar Ramblings Blog. We have already been promoting the Indexing Project so we might as well get credit for it. I am waiting to hear back from FamilySearch about the promotion and prizes to win. So stay tune

 Plus .... they just relaeased a new DNA Autosomal testing- I don't pretent to understand the whole thing but technology has advanced, and I understand that everyone can take the DNA tests male and female alike.... it looks at all the people on your tree not just  the direct male line.  HOW EXCITING!!! If you want more information go on Ancestry click on the tab across the top "DNA" and read up on it.

Guess who I ran into today? He really caught me off guard. Just unexpected. Tim Cox                        California Genealogical Society.   

Here is a mystery for you to solve. This is the first time I met her this morning in class. Totally different from what I imagined she would look like. Who is she? (send your answers/ guesses through comments below)

Last day tomorrow....  night.


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    1. Excellent Sheri. Such a great lady. I just had her pictured so much different.


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